Meet Hanson

Make Hanson Your Transportation Department

Not many companies have the resources, technology and expertise to efficiently manage all their transportation. As a result, many organizations never achieve the negotiated rates, ideal capacity and next-door customer that make buying transportation a fairly easy process. What’s more, on-time delivery without overages or damages is more a cross-your-fingers scenario than it is true supply chain management. Hanson Transportation is geared for customers who value transportation expertise, and who will benefit from a transportation management system that allows them to shop and rate among qualified carriers. To ‘get the best deal’ so to speak in terms of cost and performance, whether that’s a pallet a day or a container a week. Plus, we’re always here to help, to put out those fires as well as assist in a better long term transportation strategy.  

Hanson Logistics: Serving the Frozen Food Industry for 60 Years

Hanson Logistics is the evolution of Hanson Cold Storage, founded in 1954 to support fruit and vegetable growers. Hanson Cold Storage grew to become the 13th largest refrigerated warehouse network in the country, with 9 facilities in Michigan and Indiana and a total capacity of 37,000,000 cu. ft. of deep frozen, refrigerated and dry warehousing space.

Hanson Logistics offers the security of company-owned trucks, facilities and technology with the flexibility of non-asset services when structuring supply chain solutions for a growing number of food processors, distributors and retailers.