Need Dedicated Transportation?

Dedicated Transportation Services

Today’s transportation landscape is challenging and complex and is becoming more so with increasing legislation, fuel and driver uncertainty and the increasing need for sophisticated transportation technology. These high costs of entry make it nearly impossible for mid-tier shippers to utilize transportation effectively; to have the in-house expertise to respond to market disruptions, or to accurately know the true cost per case.

Dedicated Transportation offers you the advantages of a private fleet — without the burden of management and administration or the cost of capital expenditures. You don’t need large fleet requirements or complex shipping to justify dedicated transportation: our creative solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements at any number of cost-effective levels:

  • Fleet Creation — private fleet for customers needing greater reliability/control/cost-savings over contract truckload or LTL scenario without the burden of private fleet
  • Private Fleet Conversion — maintain control “features” of a private fleet through replacement of owned/leased equipment and driver
  • Private Fleet Supplement — incremental replacements or conversion supplements private fleet for growth, exclusive customers, geographic areas

Ask about how our dedicated transportation services can contribute to your success.