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Let Hanson Handle Your Freight Bill Audit and Payment

The average U.S. firm spends 6% to 18% of every sales dollar on freight—a reality that creates significant savings opportunities for companies that regularly audit their freight bills.

One Invoice, Revenue Recovery

Outsource the burden of freight bill audit and payment to Hanson, and you’ll also eliminate the need for paper invoicing, automate manual processes, recover lost revenues, and gain complete visibility into your shipment costs (by carrier, load number, invoice, etc.) while reducing total transportation spend. Utilize our web-based reporting capabilities to view any invoice, credit, charge, or shipment on demand at any time, and gain complete financial visibility … without having to tackle the tedious task of auditing and paying freight bills.

Transparent Accountability

Hanson offers the same level of visibility and accountability on the payment side by automatically matching freight-related invoices to their respective loads, ensuring complete accuracy, flagging potential issues, rating questionable invoices against the appropriate contracts, and correcting any problems before any payments are issued.

Our system automatically reduces the payment to the lowest legal/lawful charges, transmits the payment information to accounts payable, and then provides all of the supporting documentation (as needed).

Realistic Cost Reduction

Reducing direct shipping and handling isn’t always easy, but you can streamline the cost structure by optimizing all the activities associated with your inbound and outbound shipping. By simply evaluating invoices for human error, renegotiating contracts, auditing freight bills, and providing the outside expertise you need to ensure that you are using the best routing and carrier selection, Hanson can help you achieve savings wherever possible.

Leave it to the pros. By identifying all functions that are impacted by transportation costs, finding potential areas for errors, correcting discrepancies, and ensuring future accuracy, Hanson Freight Bill Audit and Payment Services provide a valuable benefit for any shipper needing to reduce costs. You’ll decrease freight expenses and avoid unwarranted costs—both direct and indirect.

Here are just a few of the areas where freight bill audit will catch and correct errors:

  • Shipment date discrepancies
  • Duplicate invoices
  • Weight variations
  • Rating errors
  • Contract term discrepancies
  • Service failures
  • Accessorial charges
  • Discount accuracy
  • Origin & destination identification
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